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About Matt King

I’m an Interactive Developer living in Portland, Oregon. I’ve been working in the tech industry for over 10 years, and have been working on web sites since 1998.

I started my career right out of high school, building computers for a small computer vendor in Lake Oswego, Oregon. All I had under my belt at the time was playing games and hanging out on BBSs on my parent’s 486 IBM PS/2, and a bit of experience on the high school newspaper running their network of Mac LCIIs and LCIIIs, and the Centris as the monster main computer. I learned everything I could about building computers, and eventually picked up speed on learning how networks and the Internet worked.

In 1997 I started working at another small computer vendor building computers and setting up networks, and eventually was recruited to start a small ISP in Oregon City in 1999. It doubled as an ISP and a web development shop, and there I worked on a few web sites while helping manage the network. The ISP was sold and I left to work at Darkhorse Comics, where I had a short stint as a web developer, working on darkhorse.com and their online e-commerce store Things From Another World.

After Darkhorse I worked at a company that was trying to build an innovative online medical record system. I worked there for a few years mostly managing their networks, where I picked up a lot of knowledge in Linux and Unix systems administration, and even helped start a small Portland Linux User Group. I also designed a couple sites for them, and built an online system to sell Informed Consents to clinics.

I eventually started a company with Justin Kistner called Portland Internet Company. We had worked together on a few projects in the past and ended up sharing the same office, and thought since we worked on everything together and shared the same space, why not form a company? We did work for clients like Gardenburger, Valerie Day, Pacific Foods, McKesson, db clay, and Sports Car Market. There I picked up skills doing standards compliant CSS and HTML, and bringing that knowledge into the web applications arena to create sites with administration tools as elegant as the front-end.

In 2006 I chose to part ways with Justin and go freelance for a while. During that time I worked with Sports Car Market and River Network, as well as started working with Jason Glaspey on the first incarnation of Unthirsty, a happy hour finder Google Maps mashup. Unthirsty actually led me to me current job at Instrument Marketing, a small web development shop here in Portland. Both Jason and I got hired on to help with projects for companies like Wieden+Kennedy, Burton Snowboards, Starbucks and Microsoft.

My passion is developing web sites, and everything that goes along with it: CSS, tweaking web servers to perform faster, making google maps mashups, writing shell scripts to automate tasks, making unobtrusive Javascript magic, creating web spiders…the list goes on forever.