Learn how to make women want you from Jason Capital

You’ve seen it in the movies. You’ve witnessed this type of man among your own group of friends. What is it with the ladies’ man that gets all the attention? What is it with this guy that seems to get all the ladies swooning? Well, he might be learning from Dating Coach Jason Capital, who is quickly becoming known as the most bad-ass dating and life coach in all 7 continents. Check him out in the video below:

Here are a few more secrets I’ve learned about women over the years…

Dress to impress. Let’s admit it. The dating game also has a visual factor. If a girl won’t give you a second look, your chances are cut off from the start. This tip doesn’t require you to be a fashion model; it suggests that you dress well. If you’re always wearing jerseys and always wearing a cap, she might not get the idea that you’re the serious guy. However, if she sees you as someone who can look dapper even with jeans and a button-down shirt, she might have a better impression of you. Get her attention by being someone who’s nice to look at. If you look good and feel good, she’ll get the message that you’re someone worth getting to know.

Walk the talk. Now that you have the look, learn how to approach a woman. Not all men are born smooth talkers but it’s a skill that can be acquired. The trick to becoming a smooth talker is simple: listen first, talk later. Keep your funny quips to yourself even if the woman is really interesting. Let her know that you are amazed by what she is saying and that she is worth hearing out. When you’ve established the communication, say your piece. Compliment her about her eyes or about what she does. Tell her that she is attractive.

Win her with your words. When she’s curious about you, drop some information about yourself. If she feels comfortable spending a few moments with you, things are going well.

Dating requires some effort. You shouldn’t just stand there and expect a woman to approach you. At least look like someone mysterious enough to be approached by a curious bystander. And while you’re at it, work on some words that will surely impress people. Don’t be afraid to tap into your charming side. Think of your assets and put them to good use. Let a woman know that you’re someone worth her time and that you’re someone worth knowing. At the end of it all, let her remember who you are.

The Qualities of a Successful Dating App


These days, thousands of mobile applications are developed and marketed by the minute. However, only about a handful of them become popular and successful. Planning to create your own app? Application and software programming has become accessible now that even the least tech savvy person can design his own app. There’s even an app for creating an app, for crying out loud.

If you want your app to be the next Tinder, the trick is to design it in a way that will allow it penetrate the consumer’s consciousness. Easier said than done, though. To help your application gain the attention of gadget users, you may want to take into account the following qualities that have made so many apps successful.

Original - Many people would say that nothing is truly original anymore. Originality is still the key, however, in ensuring the success of an app. If you can’t pull anything new out of thin air, then how about putting a fresh spin on an old idea? Case in point, the Plants vs Zombies game. There’s nothing new about zombies, right? In fact, they have become so ubiquitous. You see them in the movies, televisions, and comic books among other stuff. Some game developers, however, were able to create something new and exciting from such overly saturated horror movie staples. What would this mean for a dating app you ask? Well, the idea is not to re-invent the wheel but merely to turn the wheel. So look at the things that are already out there, making money in the dating space and then add your own original spin to them. For instance, Tinder pulls pictures from Facebook, so maybe somebody should make a dating app that pulls pics from Twitter or Instagram?

Problem solver - An app that makes life a bit easier will certainly find its audience. Some of the best apps in the market are those that address a problem that nobody pays attention to and then provide a solution for it. Whether it’s a budget planner or calorie counter app, users will get a kick out of it when they find it useful in solving their problems. So, think about what some of the biggest dating issues are out there, things like “approach anxiety” or “running out of things to say… solve these issues and you’ll have a winner.

Excellent design - You may have a unique, wonderful idea but if is poorly designed, it’s unlikely that you’ll even make a dent in the market. Just like when you go on a blind date – first impressions count in a tough market, and this is especially true now that consumers’ tastes have become more sophisticated. Apart from minding the aesthetics, some of the things you should watch out for are glitches and device compatibility.

Mobile devices have become as powerful as desktop computers. Their processing power has provided creative programmers with a digital sandbox to play on. All it takes is one unique idea. If you already have one, good for you. That’s a good start. Just remember that to make it widely popular, you dating app has to be fresh, useful, and well-designed.

Things You Should Avoid If You Want To Attract Women Successfully

cute-nerd-girlThis article is supposed to be about “what to do” to attract women. When it comes to that subject, however, what you should do and say are less important than what you shouldn’t do and say. Confused?

Well, here’s the thing about attracting women: Not showing eagerness is the best way to get their attention.

Don’t say anything – No matter what pickup line you have under your sleeve, there’s a high probability that your target will be turned off the moment you open your mouth. The sad part is, she might have taken notice had you decided to stay silent.  So whatever opening line you have prepared, avoid being a fool and  try to be mysterious instead. Not many of them may admit this but women gravitates toward mysterious types.

Don’t shower them with compliments – Women naturally get hit on so many times. Whatever compliment you have in your mind, they’ve heard it all before. The most crucial mistake you can make when approaching the opposite sex is to give up your own value and say something flattering to get her approval.

Saying things like, “You’re absolutely beautiful” or “You have the most gorgeous eyes (hair, body, etc.) that I have ever seen in my entire life” will get you nowhere. You are only giving her power over you.  Once your prospect feels this, she’ll immediately lose interest in you. While it’s fine to find a woman beautiful, gorgeous or amazing, you shouldn’t forget to place value on yourself. This way, she’ll see that you are worth the attention.

Don’t be such a nice guy – It’s pretty common knowledge that while a man is attracted to a woman based on her looks (among other things), a woman is attracted to a man based on how he makes her feel. This is very tricky as you might mistake the part of making her feel good for being super nice. If you are not careful, you run the risk of doing what she wants and, worse, putting up with all her bitchy and controlling behavior. Being extra nice to women may make them feel comfortable (“OMG, you are so sweet!”) but it doesn’t make them feel any sort of sexual attraction. It only makes them feel as if they found a best friend or even a brother in you.

There have been tons of advice out there on what to do to attract a woman. The best you can do, however, is to mind your every move and consider the things that you shouldn’t do. Change your tactics and who knows, you may improve your chances in going after any woman you like.